Happy New Year!

OK, so it’s January 1, 2014…It’s a time for the “resolutions” for the new year. Well, my first resolution is NO RESOLUTIONS! I am starting out this new year not with resolutions but goals. I really want to make 2014 much more productive in many aspects of my life than the previous year, Not that 2013 was unproductive, I think God for all the blessings I have and all of the things I did accomplish but I really want to get serious about being productive. I will admit to you all that over the last few years I have been pretty lax when it comes to my personal productivity, my work productivity, and my spiritual productivity. I have gotten things accomplished but it just seems that I have not been very “purposeful” about many of the things I’ve accomplished. Most of them have been out of necessity, or just shear procrastination that turns into the old “I have to get this done!”

So, for 2014, I have started a list of goals that I wish to accomplish. The first run of these are pretty high level but you have to start somewhere, right? I have created 4 categories of high level goals and then started adding some lower-level goals underneath each main goal. I realize that goals can get overwhelming, and they can easily fall by the wayside, but my idea is to keep these goals in front of my face every day and try to accomplish “bit-sized” tasks for each goal everyday. This is a pretty new process for me so it might be a little rough in the beginning, but with my new motivation I am hoping to actually accomplish some (or all) of these goals this year, so here is the first crack at my high-level goals:

Spiritual – Reconnecting with God
1. Start a daily devotional 2. Start a daily reading plan 3. Start a prayer journal 4. Start a bible study with friends  5. Find a new church home
Personal – Getting My Act Together
1. Create a morning routine 2. Start blogging daily 3. Get in shape through walking and training at home 4. Get myself organized 5. Reduce my debt 6. Keep in contact with friends and family more consistently 7. Finish up renovations on the house
Professional – Making My Passion and My Job The Same
1. Make my current work environment more positive 2. Do what I can at work to enhance my skills 3. Determine where I want to go professionally 4. Find training I can take to enhance my skill set
Well, there it is folks. My first run at my goals for 2014. As I process through these goals, I will post ideas and progress. First report, Day 1 of my goal to blog daily is a success!
God Bless