New Running Program

I started a new running program this morning. OK, it’s more like a build up to running program that I got [here]( . A little background first. I seen to know a lot about exercising and working out but in actual practice I suck at it…hardcore. I used to be an avid lifter, lifting primarily for strength and not really caring about looks. In doing research over the years, I have amassed a pretty considerable amount of knowledge on the subject of exercise. While I may know quite a bit, I use practically none of it for my own health. I have flipped back and forth between gym programs and home programs, cardio, interval training, MMA style workouts, lifting weights, doing body weight stuff, etc… All I can say is that I stick with it for a bit then lapse, fall off the horse and never get back on. This leads me to the running I am embarking on. At the end of the day, I really want something that is “easy” to do, doesn’t take a lot of mental effort, has a very limited amount of necessary equipment and can be done practically anywhere and anytime. I have tried running before, but being as heavy as I was, my knees where not very happy with me. Well, since having surgery in December of last year (bowel re-sectioning) I have managed to lose a bit of weight and figured now might be the time to try running again. This brings me to the program I have selected. It’s a building up program where you do run/walk combinations until you can run without walking. It’s an 8 week program and today I started week 1. So, actually my week 1 will be more like a week and a half, but that’s OK with me.
So, here was today’s workout:
1. Walk for 3 minutes (warm up) 2. Run 1 minute / Walk 2 minutes – repeat 10 times 3. Walk 2 minutes (cool down)
35 minutes. I did it at 6am this morning and it was so not as bad as I thought. If it stays like this I’ll be running in no time. Tomorrow is walk easy for 30 minutes. I’ll update my progress as I go. Wish me luck!