41....Another Year Older


Well, I have reached almost another year in my life passed and I must say it went really fast, as in, it seemed to fly by. I think it’s important for personal growth to take stock of oneself, especially around birthday time. In fact, it’s actually the perfect time to look at the “big picture” since the day always comes every year and we are always reminded of it…

So, that being said, I have re-printed my list of “Hopeful Accomplishments” from my B-Day post last year…along with comments on whether or not I have done anything to actually progress in them. Some of these were short term goals and others were more lofty, the idea is that I wanted to get these things in writing so that I could find ways to actually move towards accomplishing them instead of just dreaming about them. As they say, “Talk is cheap.”

  1. Build a new career at Constellation Brands working with computers
    • This is actually going really well. I am finally feeling fully plugged in and comfortable in my new role. I certainly more confident in my ability to perform my job functions and I seems to get along really well with everyone here. Although this will continue to be a development item, I can make this one: SUCCESS!
  2. Get myself in shape physically
    • OK, I really fell off the rails on this one. I have done some eating habit changes, like making healthier choices…sometimes. As for working out, I think I can count on one hand the numbers of times I have “worked out” in the last year. The two issues are time (this is a cop-out) and motivation (this is the real problem). I use a lack of time/time management as an excuse but really it’s a question of motivation. There are so many people out there that are way busier than me that still make time to work, not find time to workout. I did start of this particular morning with a “Playground Routine” before coming into the office. Felt pretty motivated this morning but as for this as a yearly accomplishment: FAIL!
  3. Move into a bigger house with my family
    • Well, this one did not happen. I must admit that this one is going to take a while to accomplish. I really don’t feel like I’ve made much progress in this area as I have had a couple setbacks around the old homestead. Dishwasher leaked and ruined my a good portion of my kitchen floor and the porch is still not sided. Hope to get these things taken care of soon though. All-in-all, progress has been slow preparing the house to sell but it is still moving forward, all-be-it slowly.
  4. Help Zach become a man
    • This is a continue"project". I do feel that I am helping him see the world through the eyes of Christian but sometimes it’s a struggle. Although, he is only 10. More on this coming.
  5. Make my blog something people will read (more than the handful that do now)
    • Ummm, yeah…how many posts this year? FAIL
  6. Write a book
    • Where did this one come from? Haven’t even though about this since I wrote it last year. Won’t call it a fail as this is more of a long-term thing but haven’t done anything with it either.
  7. Learn as much as I can about the my Savior (Christ) through His Word
    • While I refuse to call this one a fail, I have not been as diligent in the study of the Word as I should or could be. That being said, I feel closer to my Savior now than when I wrote the original post.
  8. Learn as many computer languages as I can
    • Well, let’s see, this is a FAIL. I have not really devoted any time to this one this year. Again, long term goal but not real progress.
  9. Do something with No. 8
    • Nope…
  10. Teach younger people about something I love (either God or computers or both)
    • I haven’t really had the opportunity to do anything with this one but it is still on the list and an actitvity I hope to do something with in the future.

In summary, it looks worse than it really is. There really are no true failures on this list as everything is there just to keep it visible so I don’t lose sight of it. I feel good about what I have accomplished and the only real “regrets” I have apply to getting in shape, reading my Bible, and learning the programming stuff. It has been a quick, busy year getting acclimated to the new job and the new baby (my roommates had another child). It’s important to remember that through failure we grow in strength, we learn to re-assess, and we build determination to push forward. Failure, in reality, is necessary to attain and truly appreciate SUCCESS!

Until Next Time God Bless