Continuing the Story


For some reason, I feel like picking up where I left off yesterday. This may all be meaningless babble, but it’s what is in my head right now, so enjoy it.

The next time my eyes opened, I was lying in a bed. The place had a familiar feel to it, as if I had been there before, but the memories were faded, and the feeling was distant. It was as if I was somewhere I had been in my youth but had not been to in a long time. Then, as clarity came to me, I realized it was daytime. I stretched back through my mind to try and recall the most recent moments, but all I got were hazed images and muffled sounds. There was an accident of some like, that I was for sure. Another certainty was that I must have been injured in that accident, but beyond that, it was all very chaotic and disconnected. It was like trying to watch a movie underwater.

As my eyes panned around the room, I could make out the brightly colored walls. They wallpaper seemed to be done in a very light and whimsical floral pattern. The floor was a medium shade of pine hardwood. I struggled to roll over and sit up in bed, realizing that I was covered by very comfortable synthetic sheets that were light and airy but still enough to envelope my body and give me a sense of comfort. I realized at this moment, putting the pieces together, that I was not in any hospital or medical facility I was aware of but was at someone’s house.