Daily Dose 1


##Never to Late for New Beginnings…

New beginnings, a time to start over, start fresh start anew. As far as I can tell, I have “restarted” this blog and it’s contents like a dozen times over 6 years this blog has been up and being paid for. There are a three things I’d like to say about this:

  1. It’s amazingly sad that this blog has been up for 6 years and hardly anyone reads it, although this is entirely my fault for not pushing or promoting or giving useful content
  2. It’s sadder still that I have been paying for this blog space (my own server) for six years and have done very little with it…again shame on me
  3. The fact that I have direction so many times and been so inconsistent with it says alot about my state of mind (I calll it my ability to be consistently inconsistent)

So, here I am again, dear reader (if you exist), asking you to try to take another journey with me as I give this blogging thing another go. My number 1 problem if that I can get rather unfocused easily and have so many different topics I like to and want to talk about it’s hard to pin it down to just one. Lately, however, as I grind awary at the computer at work in the data anaylyst space (a job I truly do enjoy) I find that my desire and youthful passion to just write…something…anything…has returned and I do not wish to deny it any longer. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a journalist, loved writing columns especially opinion pieces. Then I wanted to straight up write books for a living. I fell in love wih math and science so my thoughts changed to that but there was always this nagging ember to take what I have learned or experienced or thought or felt and get it down in some written form and even exposing some of it for the world to see. The ember was just never hot enough to melt my lack of motiviation. As of late, I have been feeling the ember grow and I can only attibute this to God. To me, there is no other explaination. God seems to be calling me back to the “beginning”, as it were, so here I am…back where I started.

What does all this mean? It means many blogs that will probably be bad but each one hopefully better than the one before. It means more frequent posts about a variety of topics and opinions. It will probably also include some short stories, maybe some poems, long-form articles, whatever it takes to ge the writting muscles back into tip-top shape. It will also mean alot of reading and that means hopefully some decent reviews. I have always been taught (and heard it preached) to be an greate writer you need to do 2 things obsessively; read alot and write alot.

So, that leads me to the Daily Dose series. This will be a new series that is my daily writer’s walk. A way to stretch my writing muscles, get out what’s in my head at the moment and possibly give me fuel for further, longer-form blog posts. I hope that these are as enjoyable for you as I hope they are for me. My goal is to make them truly daily, even if there is not much to them, any writing is better than no writing at this point. I hope to have comments turned on in my blog soon.

Until Next Time, God Bless