Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful!


So, I am sitting here in my room, working away after leaving the office early do to snow. Living in New York can be a real hassle when it comes to weather. It is true that we (in western New York) don’t have to deal much with hurricanes or tornadoes, but we do get these wicked snow storms that dump a lot of snow on us…like the one we are having now. So far about a foot has fallen and it’s still going. Add in the cold (right now it’s 14 degrees) and it’s enough to make you want to have a “Calgon moment”. Especially for people like me who don’t own a snow blower or pay for plow service. However, in sticking with my goal this year to be more positive, I will look at the bright side and say at least I’ll get my exercise for the day and I must admit, it does look pretty. I have included some pics for your viewing pleasure below. Jealous…? lol


God Bless,