I've seen a Ghost!


I’ve seen a Ghost! That’s right, if you are reading this post right now, then you are reading my new new blog on my new bloggin platform, called Ghost. I heard about Ghost on a recent episode of my favorite Linux podcasts when Matt Hartley had mentioned it was an option on Digital Ocean. I actually think Matt’s new blog uses Ghost. I have been looking for a better blogging platform, more in tune to my way of thinking. I have been using WordPress for awhile now and it’s good at what it does but it is just to much for. It seems a bit “weighty” for my purposes. I just want to blog and possibly allow comments…that’s it.

The Ghost install in DO toook literally 5 minutes from start to working blog. The only long-poll was waiting for the web site name to re-point after updating the DNS servers and adding the A Record. So, now I have this nice new blogging platform whuich seems pretty fast. At some point I want to do a more detailed review, but for now the highlights:

  • Runs on Node.JS
  • Uses NGINX as the web server
  • Supports Markdown out of the box for posts
  • Has Markdown and Live Preview side-by-side (wicked cool!)
  • Clean UI for adding/editing content

That’s all I can ascertain from the little bit of time I have played with it since rolling the DO Droplet I have it on. So, we will see how it goes, but for now I am liking Ghost very much. Now to bone up on my Markdown and blog away!

As for my current blog site danielbornt.com, it will remain active until I get the posts moved over to Ghost. I also have to determine if I want to configure comments or not, need to setup email prefs, and possibly a contact form.

So, stay tuned for updates!

God Bless