It just Came to Me


This scene just popped into my head this evening. It’s not long, but I felt it was worth capturing. Maybe this is worth something, or perhaps it’s worth nothing, but it was fun to think about and fun to write it out.

There was a flash so bright that it filled my entire field of vision. Then, searing pain came in heavy waves moving from my feet to my head. I could not see or hear anything. The bright light faded to black, and my ears were filled with a ringing so loud that it was all I could hear, and it rattled my spine. I could not tell where I was or what was happening. My orientation was gone. Was I lying, standing, upside-down, or right-side-up? All I knew was that the pain was unbearable. Then, the pain began to fade. There was a peaceful warmth that washed over me. A calming, easy light replaced the darkness like the light of a quiet room where one might read a book in the evening. Flickers of blurred images pierced the light. Muffled voices and garbled sounds split the peaceful silence. “Are you ok? Oh my goodness, get an ambulance!” I hear someone bark out. “Is he ok?” another familiar voice sounding concerned I heard a distant siren and traffic and people hustling and bustling. The pain returned in waves, bad but not as bad as just a few moments ago. Dull aching mixed with sharp twitches, not pleasant by any means but tolerable. I hear someone say, “He should be dead.” “You are far too important to be dead.” a voice whispered inside my head “There is much more for you to do.” With that, the lights faded, and the sounds disappeared, and then there was quiet, darkness, then sleep.