Morning Mind 1


So, today I start a new blog “series” called Morning Mind. Basically it’s just my first real and coherent thoughts of the day. Could be any subject matter, and thoughts or feelings, any ramblings. Just my morning brain dumped out for the Interwebs to see.

I am reply out of shape and I have been for a long time. Currently I sit at around 280 lbs. Much to much weight to be carrying around. I have tried different approaches in the past to get in shape. Have amassed quite a bit of knowledge over the years on how to get into shape, how to train, and how to eat right but for a long time I have suffered from two distinct issues. No motivation or to much motivation.

No motivation is pretty self explanatory; being unmotivated leads to zero results. Period, end of story. Too motivated is a different animal all together. Being too motivated can lead to diminished returns, feelings of failure and eventually zero or negative results. For example, last time I tried to really get in shape I was working at Xerox and my buddy and I would go running. Now, a 280 pound man with a desk job should not be running but my busy was a runner so I said I would run. Well it started off good. We would do run/walk combos for 20-30 minutes and all was fine. Until I wanted to run some wind sprints. Well running wind sprints is all fine and God as long as you don’t trip and fall full force into the ground and separate your shoulder, yeah that really happen to me. 6 weeks of no training and my motivation was gone and I was left with the same amount of weight and a bum shoulder. That’s one of a few examples.

So being too motivated can be just as bad as not motivated enough. You have to have balance in all things in life. With that being said, yesterday I started a morning walking routine. No fancy running, sprints, or intervals. Just walking my neighborhood as fast as I can with stressing anything. Two days in and I am walking just under 17 minutes a mile or about 3.6 mph. It’s a good pace, gets the heart rate up and the box flowing and feels great.

I hindsight, it’s taken me many failures to learn that moderation is just as important as motivation. This applies in fitness as well as many areas of life. So keep that in mind as you head through the day. Motivation and Moderation are a tag team for success.

Until Next Time,

Have a Blessed Day