One Month In...


So, it’s been one month since I last blogged and just over a month since the new year. I know I keep saying that I am going to blog more but time seems to slip away at a brake-neck pace these days. Rest assured that writing more is on my radar and this post is somewhat proof of that.

I’m not really sure the direction I want this blog to take but I know I want it to go somewhere. I do not want it to just sit idle or die a slow death from non-use. I have a ton of different interests which makes settling on content even harder. I like too many things to completed decide on any one topic.

for now, I’m going to just use this as a platform to steam my thoughts and ideas on any number of topics. If you like then or find then amusing or even infuriating then I’m doing what I want to do…engaging anyone who reads this blog.

Feel free to share this (or any) of my posts via the share buttons below. Thanks for taking time to read this blog and thanks for your patience.

God Bless