The Big 4-0...


OK, so today was my 40th birthday. The Big 4-0. Well, I must admit that I do not feel much older than I did last year or the year before. Perhaps that is a good thing. I was talking to my dear cousin Julie tonight and she said that I should blog about being 40. So here I am, at my keyboard, thinking about 40…

What does 40 mean? It means this is mid-life. Half way between birth and 80, also half way between 20 and 60. So, the way I see it there are two things to look at here. What have I done and what do I have left to do. So, I’ll do what I do best and make a couple lists:

What I’ve Done So Far (top 10 in no particular order)
  1. Had my heart broken a couple times
  2. Graduated from High School top of my class
  3. Fell into a 16 career at Xerox working with computers
  4. Created a home with my 2 best friends
  5. Reconnected with my Dad after a long hiatus
  6. Became the Godfather to an awesome kid named Zach (my best friends’ son)
  7. Saw my 5 brothers become men
  8. Saw my sister become a woman
  9. Lived through joy and pain
  10. Found Christ

What I Have Left To Do (top 10 in no particular order)
  1. Build a new career at Constellation Brands working with computers
  2. Get myself in shape physically
  3. Move into a bigger house with my family
  4. Help Zach become a man
  5. Make my blog something people will read (more than the handful that do now)
  6. Write a book
  7. Learn as much as I can about the my Savior (Christ) through His Word
  8. Learn as many computer languages as I can
  9. Do something with No. 9
  10. Teach younger people about something I love (either God or computers or both)

So What Does It Mean?

So what does 40 mean? It means being able to look back on a life full of successes and failures while saying you made it this far. It means having learned as much as your parents knew about life when you were young and thought they knew nothing (and realizing you were wrong). It also means that you still have a lot left to do and a lot more to learn. The journey of life has been a blessing so far (counting the pain and he the joy) and I can only hope and pray it gets better from here, and I can try my best to see that it does. The rest is up to God.

Welcome to mid-life…

God Bless