The Wait Is Over...


Hi all. It has been a really long time since I have posted anything. Life got pretty crazy around here for a few months so I took a hiatus from writing this blog. Since my listener count is still really small, I figured no one would even miss me, lol, I think I was right!

Seeing as how my last post was in January, I should give you all a rundown of what has been going on between then and now but I’m afraid that is a long story with lots of interesting details so I am going to just break it up into posts over the next couple weeks and see where it goes. This blog was (and still is) really just a creative outlet for me and if I pick up a few readers along the way that find my stuff interesting that’s totally cool. I had every intention to try and turn this into something important where I could get a lot of readership. However, the fact remains that the days are only so long and there are many things in life that need my priority attention over this blog.

Just know, that for those of you that do read this blog, fear not – it is still active, I am still here and I hope to get into a much better rhythm in the next few weeks. So, stay tuned and check back often. I plan to have some sort of sign up functionality soon or possibly an RSS feed so that you can just know when I post something.

Well, that’s all for now,

God Bless

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