Welcome to 2016


Another year begins and I must admit that I have been here before. Starting another year with a blog post about what I plan to get done this year. It would seem that I do not have a really good track record of “staying the course” as it were. I must admit that I have not been a very productive blogger.

I really am hoping to change that lack of blogging this year. I have allowed other things in my life to get in the way of my desire to blog more. There are many excuses (home projects, work, life in general) but in the end all I have is a lot of excuses and a lot more unwritten blogs. In 2016, I will attempt to change all that.

Procrastination has been one of the biggest reasons I have not put much effort into this blog, but that stops today. If I ever hope to make this blog worth reading then I need to overcome my tendency to procrastinate and start writing content. If the content is good, people will read it. If it’s junk, then people won’t - pretty simple really.

Well, that’s all for now. One day of blogging is now officially complete and I will work hard to make many more to come.