What’s the Point?


What does it take to figure out your purpose in life? I have been asking myself that a lot over the past few months. Resurrecting my writing has been one thing I have been trying; however, I’m not sure it stops there. I will admit that I have missed a couple of days of writing, but life happens. This past weekend was jam-packed. I did lots of running around and work on the house, places to go, and people to see. My godson’s football team won their American football game on Friday night; that was pretty cool. I steam-cleaned my living room furniture and put my pool away for the season—all of these things are super important things to get done. So tonight, I will write a little something to get back on track.

Turning back to life’s purpose, figuring out one purpose is not always easy. The key to determining your life’s purpose is to find your why. That’s what my cousin calls it. Your “why” is that one thing that drives everything else. Why are you here? That’s what I take from it. My why is not fully developed yet, but I know I was put on this Earth to help people. That is where it all starts for me. The question is, how am I going to help people? Now, I am working on my writing to use that as a part plan to help people. Beyond that, I might like to do some YouTube videos or other video content, but for now, it’s writing. I have been using my platform to get warmed up, but I promise you, dear readers, more interesting written content is coming. I will be doing some written technical tutorials, some more opinion stuff, and maybe some more interesting fictional stuff. I’m just getting started!