When There Are No Words


I was warned about moments like this. Certain moments when I would struggle to find words to write. It seems I have hit one of those walls. Right now, I feel like a dry well. I have a bunch of different ideas noodling around in my head and a nice list of titles. However, as I sit at this keyboard, looking for words about any topic, nothing is coming.

Many writers suggest that when this happens, one should write anyway. So, here I am, banging out words on this laptop. I have no specific topic tonight—just some rambling. However, rambling can be a way to practice too. It can be a way to generate more ideas, practice sentence structure, or refine your style.

It can also be a place to express oneself. But, whatever the case, a lack of an idea or something to write is never an excuse not to write at all. That is one lesson I have learned so far. If you want to call yourself a writer, you have to write; even when you do not have much to say or are not feeling up to it. To be a writer, you need to write, period.