Relentless Beast of the Infinite Madness


There is a beast within that mostly sleeps On occasion the beast will creep And so begins the nightmare’s rage

With eyes pressed closed I see flashes of light A dull pain begins to grow try as I might To lull the beast back into its cage

The pain grows stronger and sharper still Pressing out on my skull at will The beast clamoring to be free

Sounds become a torturous melody Every one a dark and painful melody The growing pain will not let me be

The beast will cause dark thoughts to churn And the pain will make my stomach turn As I struggle to back the monster inside

Then, all at once, the beast will rest The demon will return to it’s nest And the pain and anguish will subside

Once asleep, the world returns Sight and sounds no longer burn And I feel like myself once again

Yet there the monster sleeps The beast waits coldly to creep And bring to me madness and pain

Just a quick poem about suffering a migraine. That was my evening. It sucks but I win. I wrote anyway.