Tired But Still In It


It has been a busy weekend, and I am tired. I am currently working on several housing-related projects on a couple of different properties for myself and my family members. I spent those weekends ripping out drywall and moving plumbing. This type of work used to be much easier on me than it is now, but I continue to do what I can. However, exhausting yourself physically over a couple of days can make it hard to sit in front of a computer and write anything of actual use. Hence this post. I am writing tonight so that I write something. I have mentioned before that; as a writer, I have to write. My goal is to write every day. I have failed at this several times due to these busy weekends. Writing is critical to me but not as important as family. It is also not as important as keeping my house functioning. There are high school football games and tailgates. Sprinkle in spending time with loved ones and doing the appropriate work around the homestead; sometimes, writing is a challenge based on time.

I am a writer, but I am also a son, a brother, a best friend, and a homeowner. Wearing many hats means you sometimes have to make hard choices; not everything can be done when you want it. Writing sometimes takes a backseat to life; sometimes, it’s writing but not very good. We all have hard choices to make. You have to choose for yourself what the most important things are. I am a writer, but I cannot, in good conscience, put my writing ahead of my loved ones or being a productive homeowner. It’s just not in me. So, I write daily unless the day does not allow for it. I will not apologize for it or worry about it. I will continue to write every day, as it provides, and make it work. That’s the best I got for today—time to get some rest.