41....Another Year Older

Well, I have reached almost another year in my life passed and I must say it went really fast, as in, it seemed to fly by. I think it's important »

So Much To Say...So Little Time

It has been quite a few months since I have blogged at all. There are a couple of reasons this is the case. Mostly it has to do with time. »

I've seen a Ghost!

I've seen a Ghost! That's right, if you are reading this post right now, then you are reading my new new blog on my new bloggin platform, called Ghost. I »

Starting the New Year With a Bang!

Well, I must admit…I always like th New Year to come in with a bang but having a car accident is a bit extreme! Since I have not posted »

Why WordPress Doesn't Suck...

This is a quick follow up to my post on Why WordPress Sucks…for Me!. In that post I talked about why I thought that it would be a good »