Continuing the Story


For some reason, I feel like picking up where I left off yesterday. This may all be meaningless babble, but it’s what is in my head right now, so enjoy it.

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It just Came to Me


This scene just popped into my head this evening. It’s not long, but I felt it was worth capturing. Maybe this is worth something, or perhaps it’s worth nothing, but it was fun to think about and fun to write it out.

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My Own Private War...


I am in a war right now, a private one. “What is a private war?” you may ask. That’s an excellent question. All I can do is give you my definition; to me, a private war is an internal battle you are having with yourself.

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The Meeting that Ate My Brain


Right now, I am logged onto a conference call, a team meeting where one of our “head honchos” is blathering on about data lineage. He’s talking about tools to use, concepts, proof of concepts for lineage, etc.

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