A Chat About Privacy (look Ma, I'm famous!)


My First Podcast Appearance My cousin, Mark Struczewski, is an entrepreneur, productivity expert, public speaker and podcaster who runs a productivity-centered podcast named The Mark Struczewski Podcast. Mark recently invited me to join him for an episode to have a chat about online privacy.

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Daily Dose 1


##Never to Late for New Beginnings… New beginnings, a time to start over, start fresh start anew. As far as I can tell, I have “restarted” this blog and it’s contents like a dozen times over 6 years this blog has been up and being paid for.

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Happy New Year!


Well, well, well…Happy New Year all! It has a very long time since my last post, well over a year I believe. Why the long hiatus? To be honest I had lost interest in blogging for quite some time.

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And So It Begins...


Well, today was a milestone for me. I finally came to a startling realization about myself. I can say with 100% certainty that I am consistently inconsistent. This is true in many areas of my life but it is probably most prevalent in my “quest” to get healthy.

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